According to studies, there were 1.77 million students who received homeschooling as a form of formal education in 2012, which also continued to increase annually.

The rate of more children enrolling in homeschooling is increasing at a rapid pace, and it’s turning out to be quite beneficial for both the children and families involved. Homeschooling is usually implemented in homes, due to parents either not trusting the government’s education system or having a lifestyle that isn’t bound to one city or country. Homeschooling thus turns out to be more convenient for kids and parents in such cases.

There is contemplation, however, on whether homeschooling is the best thing for your child, or not. Choosing to place him/her in homeschooling, rather than a school, has a lot of benefits, as well as some disadvantages that need to be considered. You don’t want to decide to take them out of school, having to regret it later, so be sure to first weigh in on the pros and cons.

The Benefits of Home Schooling

  • Your child will have a personalised learning opportunity

Meaning, they’ll be able to either learn by themselves or have a one-on-one schooling experience with you. It allows for greater understanding of the work at hand, without having to deal with the factors around that can be distracting, like those that are in school. Homeschooling can also allow a child to learn how to work better by themselves and as a result, faster too.

  • You can plan a curriculum for your child

It allows them to focus more on things they might find difficult, as oppose to wasting, what would’ve been a class they’d waste time in. They will thus be able to learn exactly what they want for as long as they want, all while saving time.

  • It allows you the ability to protect your children

You can plan a curriculum for your child


When children go to school, there are many influences around them, that can lead to a change in their attitude or gain bad habits. When you put your child in a school, you are allowing them the opportunity to experience it in abundance, as you don’t know who your child is spending their time with.

  • It allows for more family time

Not by a lot, but at least you’ll have your child close to you, which is especially a bonus when they’re young. Plus, they’ll also be able to travel with you everywhere.

Disadvantages of Home Schooling

  • Homeschooling is incredibly time-consuming

As a parent, homeschooling will require you to have to research and adapt training methods, as you’ll be the one to prepare your child’s workload for the day, as well as the entire year.

  • You are required to stay with your kids 24/7

It might be the biggest challenge of all, and you’ll have to have a flexible work schedule, or perhaps even be able to work from home to do so.

  • Your child will have limited opportunities to participate in sports and other activities

Not only will your child not have the facilities to play sports, competitions, school dances, but they also are missing out on the entire experience of school and what it’s like to spend the day in a working environment with other people.